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how do i  get the 6th and 7th scene for v 0.11

next update?


Where do i put the last camera?

I put the two in Priscillas room

is there a third thing im missing or?

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Just want to say that i ran into the problem with the gym, where i have to restart the game after every point of strenght i get, work fine after reloading the save, but still need to save and load after every point gained.

Nice...good work on this lovely game.

please let the new version be playable on chrome os, please?

I am having issues with some cutscenes not appearing, the dialogue still plays but the actual images aren't showing up. 

hey, really enjoying the game so far but I’ve run into a bit of a snag.

So I’m at the point where I’m supposed to peep on Mary in the bathroom. But for some reason whenever I click on the bathroom I don’t get any scene, it just takes me into the bathroom.

I thought I messed something up so I restarted the game, but no matter what I do I always just go into the bathroom and get no scene.

I don’t know if this is a bug or if I’m just missing something obvious. Either way I would very much appreciate some help figuring this out.

why won't it load on ChromeOS?


PLEASE tell me you can fuck Danny


Taffy Tales patch v.0.17.0a notes:

• Added/Continued 7 storylines involving MC, Clara, Becca, Jessica, Alan, Danny and Mary. 

I hope so

For a moment I thought you ment the dog

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Wonder why the version hasn't been updated? on patreon, the latest public version is version 0.17.0 and the patron version is 0.22.0

Here's a link to the public version 0.17.0 for those who want it:

what do i need to do when becca goes to the stables with her im confused…

you need to find the stable keys in Priscilla's room, it's in the middle drawer 

thank you!

Got a bug after going into the "learn french" prompt and its just stuck on a picture of Becca after MC starts messing with her. Lost a little progress but it's ok I guess. 

Where is the stable key?

3 months later... but it's in Priscilla's room. Middle drawer of her dresser.

When I click the drawers they didn't come up with any actual text in the button. Just opened two small bubbles in the middle of the screen. Just click the second button.


 Hi, why this game does not work on the computer .. win32


The gallery scenes are cut in half.. Is that a bug? How do i fix that

There's a problem with some of the scenes not showing up. They show as smaller pics in the gallery, but when you click in they still don't show their bigger versions.

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Altough this game is still extremely rough around the edges (story flow could be better, there are many bugs and grammatical errors) I did enjoy playing it. I especially liked the art style. It reminded me alot of Summertime Saga, but here the protagonist is a bit more of a sadistic SOB (but not completely evil). At first I did not like him (both versions of him) but as I played the game he started to grow on me. I'll defenitely keep this on my radar.

P.s. for the love of God Harry (husband of Gerda), please wear a shirt would you! He mostly walks around shirtless and topless (even outside the house in a bar) which really took me out of the game. It was so weird and funny at the same time.

P.p.s. I can't wait to start corrupting Danny >:D